Tuition Reimbursement Application

Eligibility Information
Please Note:You must agree to the following terms to receive Tuition Reimbursement:
  1. To qualify for this program you must be a full time employee and have worked with Trilogy Health Services, Paragon Rehabilitation, or PCA Pharmacy for the past 6 months.  
  2. In exchange for this payment , the employee agrees to work for the Company for a period of one(1) year from the completion of the course and receipt of tuition reimbursement. 
  3. If you leave employment prior to that time you agree to reimburse the company a pro-rated amount of the tuition/course expenses that will be deducted from your final paycheck.
  4. If your final paycheck does not cover the pro-rated reimbursement or assistance amount you agree to reimburse the company through Money Order or Certified Check for the remaining balance. 
  5. If you leave employment with the company prior to completing the course and you have not worked with the company one(1) year following your last tuition reimbursement or assistance payment, you agree to repay the full amount of tuition reimbursement that you have received.
  6. You can be reimbursed up to $2,000 per calendar year for Tuition. We do not assist with book, fees, etc. 

To submit your education expense information you will need:
  1. A copy of your grades for the courses for which you are requesting reimbursement.
  2. Invoice for the course(s) being submitting for reimbursement. (Must include cost of course, not just Financial Aid Paid)
You will submit this to the payment form you will receive after you have received ED approval. 
Applicant Information

Education Information

Payment Information

Maximum of $2000 per year. Amount must be supported by attached files.

Please Note: Upon submission this form will be sent to your Executive Director or Program Director for first approval.